Sundaya makes accessible clean energy and energy education for everyone.


We produce the world’s best-quality plug + play solar energy kits, as well as energy network programs to deliver solutions to remote communities and end users worldwide.


Energy Literacy We inspire clean, renewable energy through education.

Accessible for All We develop high quality, accessible / affordable, and durable solar solutions for everyone.

Environment (Less waste, CO2 reduction) Our solutions promote environmental health through long usage, with less waste and global CO2 reductions.

Community Empowerment & Development is about working in ways which empower people to become and remain involved in their own cooperative solutions and development.

Sharing & Capacity Building We prepare our clients to do the work for themselves, rather than be dependent on external support. With knowledge, tools, and planning, we develop effective and self-sufficient programs.

Scalable for Widespread Application Sundaya creates scalable solutions. Our mission is designed to reach large numbers at a descending cost per unit.