Our Smart Solar Pump is the first water pump of its kind in Indonesia: its portable, submersible, incredible powerful for its size, while still being affordable.


It runs directly of solar panels, and as such requires no technical background for installation and usage.

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  • 24VDC, brushless DC motor, submersible. 10-20,000h lifetime (up to 20 years)

  • Enclosure has built in debris filterConnection sizes for hoses: ¾ and 1” barb

  • Solar panel wires for 15m length provided

  • The pump has no built in battery, do not run without sunlight

Head & Flow Rate

table - solar pump

Simple Installation

Step 1: 

Place the solar panel(s) in direct sunlight

Step 2:

Connect 1/2" hose (not included) onto the barbed fitting on the pump. Tighten included hose clamp over the fitting.

Step 3:

Lower the pump with suspension net into the water source and secure the rope.

Step 4

Run the hose to the tank. Step 5: Connect the plug from the pump to the plug from the panel to begin pumping water.

Step 5:

Connect the plug from the pump to the plug from the panel to begin pumping water.

DOs and DON’Ts

solar system6.png

Fully submerge the pump in a clean water source. DO NOT allow pump to clog with mud.

solar system7.png

Use only the included solar panels. DO NOT attach additional panels to the Majipump.

solar system5.png

If more wire is needed, attach it to the solar panel. DO NOT add more wire to the Majipump.

solar system2.png

Use the Majipump in a TANK-FED irrigation system. Do NOT use Majipump as part of a pressurized system.

solar system4.png

When cloudy, run Majipump off of a 12 V battery using the provided clips. DO NOT run off the panel with no sun.

solar system1.png

If there is a drop in performance, run soapy water through the Majipump. DO NOT take apart the pump.