Solar Energy Solutions for Off Grid Communities

Worldwide, 1.2 billion people live without access to electricity - in Indonesia about 40 million. Lighting, phone, radio or TV charging are generally considered to be the most immediate need in communities. Sundaya’s durable, high performance, high quality energy systems make these functions accessible to everyone, everywhere.

Eco-logical Solutions for the 'Energy Poor'

Kerosene lamps are most commonly used for nighttime lighting in off-grid areas, but burning kerosene results in many serious hazards for both human and environmental health, including:

  • Releasing many harmful, carcinogenic pollutants into the air, which are linked to a variety of respiratory health issues

  • Risk of explosion, resulting in both fire hazards and severe burns

  • Air pollution in homes and surrounding areas

  • Releasing carbon dioxide & other substances that affect climate change

  • Burdening families financially : kerosene accounts for up to 25% of household budgets in some rural areas

Sundaya’s safe, reliable, solar energy solutions means no more need for kerosene, while providing many other benefits to remote communities:

  • Eliminating indoor use of kerosene is essential for respiratory health, especially for mothers and children

  • Outdoor night and / or dark area lighting increases safety for women, particularly in high risk areas

  • Indoor night lighting allows children more opportunities to learn and study

  • Splash-proof portable lighting allows fisherfolk to stay safe and comfortable on the water and on shore

  • Portable, splash-proof lighting allows night market traders to light their stalls safely, quietly, and inexpensively, increasing their livelihood opportunities

  • Product resale and phone charging businesses offer livelihood opportunities for local community entrepreneurs

Sundaya offers Plug and Play Kits that are designed
to various needs in remote communities:

4 JouleStick 200PK.jpg

Portable Solar Kits provide lighting for children’s study, individual use, and phone charging for well under $50 per unit.

8 Ulitium - Plug & Play 4 Light Kit with

Solar Lighting Kits with optional daytime device charging adaptors for homes, small health facilities, NGO or government offices and schools, with hanging lamps that double as torches for fisherfolk, night market stalls, outdoor lighting.

5 JouleBox 1000 Complete warm white.jpg

With JouleBox Kits everyone, everywhere can enjoy bright, safe lighting plus entertainment, cooling, and communications device charging. The complete solution for homes, schools, outreach offices and more.