JouLite 150

The JouLite is a highly efficient, fast-charging, water resistant solar-powered 150 lumen LED flashlight, reading lamp and device charger that provides up to 60 hours of bright light after just 3 hours in the sun.


  • Portable and great on stable charging locations, including roofs, backpacks and dashboards.
  • Provides 150 Lumen of bright long-lasting light
  • Works with any standard USB charging cable.
  • Water Resistant (when cables are properly plugged in) completely resistant to splashes and rain.
  • Long lasting lithium battery can also be quickly charged from a regular wall socket through USB.
  • Can also be charged from any other Sundaya solar Panel or from any of the Sundaya Ulitium or T-Lite Lighting Kits.
    • Desk Lamp
    • Hanging Lamp
    • Flashlight
    • Device Charger

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