T-Lite - 4 Light Kit with Solar Panel

The T-Lite Lighting Kit is a user-friendly, long-lasting plug & play indoor / outdoor solar lighting system. It features bright 180 Lumen lamps, which can be used as hanging lamps, flashlights and tabletop lamps. Each T-Lite has a built in dimmer switch for maximum energy efficiency.


  • Cabling plan can be set for either indoor or outdoor use and fixed or adjustable lighting plans.
  • Provides a long lasting, cost effective, DIY solution to getting part if not all of your lighting systems off grid.
  • Has the ability to set brightness of light intensity to suit the intended function and save additional energy.
  • Kits are super easy to install (plug & play) and portable, so they offer a great lighting and charging solution for camping, picnics and other outdoor nighttime activities.
  • T-Lite also serves as a flashlight or portable table top light.
  • As well as lighting, can be used to solar charge any standard USB charging device during the day.
  • Water resistant when cables are properly plugged in, completely resistant to splashes and rain.
  • Systems are expandable for a variety of functions with additional Sundaya components and accessories.
    • 180 Lumen Flashlight
    • 180 Lumen Indoor Lighting System
    • 180 Lumen Outdoor Lighting System
    • Daytime Device Charging

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