Stunning Solar Energy Systems for Eco-Tourism

Sundaya for EcoTourism Destinations (& Eco-Travelers)

Sundaya systems are perfect for off-grid eco resorts, bungalows, and other eco tourism facilities, whether small homestays or luxury resorts. The sleek and low-profile style of all products complements both traditional and modern buildings.

The JouleBox system powers lighting, fans, device charging, even televisions, so that your guests can enjoy modern conveniences and a reliable power supply while staying in touch with their natural surroundings. For a more unplugged retreat setting without televisions, and for budget homestays where fans are not needed, our lighting kits provide low-cost, tasteful lighting. JouleStick flashlight and powerbanks ensure that your guests will always have light and phone charging capabilities at their side.

Cost efficiency for 

eco-tourism destinations

For destinations in remote areas, electricity grid connections can run up bills of thousands of dollars, and in some places a connection is not even an option at all. Generators need a constant supply of expensive fossil fuels and they also generate unwanted noise and air pollution. Our, silent, sophisticated, eco-friendly solar energy systems will enhance and preserve the peaceful beauty of your remote settings, while clearly demonstrating your eco-mission to your clientele.

Sundaya systems are decentralized, and therefore require no in-ground cabling. Their per-building installation makes them perfect for huts, bungalows, floating facilities and glamping tents, as well as facilities that are spread out over a large area, and even boats. 

If your facility uses air conditioning, washing machines or high-powered kitchen appliances, Sundaya kits won’t be sufficient to fulfill your total energy demand. You can still save lots of money by using Sundaya Kits or custom designed Sundaya DC systems for your facilities’ lighting, in-room entertainment, device and computer charging, and small eco-friendly fans for in-bed cooling needs.

A suite of cost effective solutions to suit your needs

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Portable Solar Kits include integrated flashlights, table lamps and powerbanks that ensure your guests always have light and phone charging at their side. They can also make for great eco-gift ideas if  your facility has a gift shop.

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Sundaya Solar Lighting Kits provide an off grid, low-cost, indoor & outdoor lighting and daytime device charging solution for ‘unplugged’ homestays.

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Advanced Solar Kits can provide plug & play indoor & outdoor lighting, fans, device & laptop charging, TV / sound entertainment solutions.