Solar Energy for Emergencies & Recovery

Solutions for emergencies 

& post emergency needs

In emergencies, night-time lighting and energy for logistics and communications are essential for:

  • Search & Rescue

  • Shelter & Latrine Area Safety

  • Clinics & Medical Centers

  • Logistics Operations

  • Remote Office Functionality

  • Coordination & Information Centers

  • General Communications

  • Well-being of those affected

Supplied technology should be easy to deploy, reliable, durable, and easy to use and install.

Sundaya Relief can provide your project with a community-driven, sound solution for local energy supply needs, for many years following relief efforts.

Sundaya products deliver on all counts. Our truly Plug & Play systems include all the cables and installation components necessary to get your remote office, camps, clinics or shelter up and running straight out of the box, generally within hours.

Designed for off grid, remote areas, all of our kits are securely packed and do not require literacy or prior knowledge to install  or operate. Visit the My Sundaya YouTube Channel for How-To Animations for use and installation of Sundaya products.

Sundaya kits are also extremely durable, which means they provide both an affordable immediate solution as well as a very  sound long-term investment.


Post disaster, Sundaya Kits can be easily stored for re-deployment to future emergencies, or they can be relocated or reassigned to emerging permanent or semi permanent communities once reconstruction and resettlement begins.

Sundaya offers a variety of kits to suit the needs of survivors, host communities with overburdened utilities, and organization’s remote field facilities:

4 JouleStick 200PK.jpg

Our compact Portable Solar Kits are a 100% portable, individually solar- charged combination reading lamp, hanging lamp, flashlight, and phone charging device for well under $50 per unit.

4 T-Lite - Plug & Play 4 Light Kit with

Splashproof, durable Ulitium Solar Lighting Kits offer Plug & Play solutions for indoor and outdoor lighting needs for tents, barracks, site offices, medical and logistics facilities, and more.

5 JouleBox 1000 Complete warm white.jpg

Advanced Solar Kits provide complete energy supply needs (indoor & outdoor lighting, fans, device charging, computer charging, entertainment) for most semi- permanent and permanent structures in developing communities.

A Sundaya kit with components can comfortably supply most or all of the energy needs for a 5, 10, or 20-person tent or barrack, and Sundaya’s universal components makes it easy for program or logistics managers to add functional components as needed to suit your site’s needs.