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Worldwide 1.2 billion people rely on inefficient, often dangerous, lighting, primarily kerosene. Access to even minimal electricity can lead to life-saving solutions in rural development, health, education, communications and access to clean water. Sundaya kits have reached people across the globe and proven themselves to be indispensable! 

Sentul Indonesia : PT Sundaya Factory
Bali Indonesia : My Sundaya HQ
Sweden : Sundaya Nordic AB
China : Sundaya Clean Energy Co. Ltd


My Sundaya’s rugged plug & play kits have been designed with remote communities in mind, but many people find My Sundaya kits to be a great match for their renewable energy supply

  • remote communities without access to grids, or where supply is unstable

  • and support campsand post-disaster facilities Areas struck by disasters

  • and Eco CommunitiesEco Resorts, Glamping Sites

  • makers and explorers...hikers, and off-grid media Boaters, campers and

  • Eco-enthusiasts of all types!

Sundaya is... built to last

My Sundaya batteries have a useful life of up to 10 years - depending on usage - and most other kit components have a useful life of up to 20 years.

My Sundaya products include at minimum a 6-month complete manufacturer's guarantee on all items with some components warranties extending on to 12 months and more.

Sundaya products are designed to be robust and durable in all weather conditions, almost all of our products are splash water proof, and can be used indoors or outdoors (the JouleBox battery hub and television are the two exceptions).